I fear I may become notorious for starting random features and then giving up on them nearly as quickly as they have begun.  Oh, well.  I'm working on it.  Here are some of the features that have held my attention for, oh, a few weeks.
*What's on my Bookshelf Wednesday:  Where I show you what books are collecting dust on my shelves.*
Volume {1}
Volume {2}
Volume {3}
Volume {4}
Volume {5}
Volume {6}


*Manly Mondays:  Where I hand the blog over to a guy for a day.*

Jon:  The Last King of Hollywood
Mike:  The Moo
Ben:  The Bennerauto
Kenny:  of Smonk You
Don:  of Adeline's Daddy
JJ:  of Baby O


*Top 5 Tuesdays:  Where I picked a category and gave you my Top 5.* 

T5T:  12.07.10 - The Top 5 Things Every Mama Needs
T5T:  12.14.10:  My Top 5 Superpowers
T5T:  12.21.10:  Top 5 Reasons I Love My Town
T5T:  12.28.10:  Top 5 Baby Must-Haves
T5T:  01.04.11:  Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Songs
T5T:  01.11.11:  Top 5 Funny Things Natalie Did This Week
T5T:  01.18.11:  Top 5 Things on My Mind
T5T:  01.25.11:  Top 5 Things We're Working On
T5T:  02.01.11:  Today is a Good Day Because
T5T:  03.01.11:  Tips for Traveling With a Baby
T5T: 03.15.11:  Top 5 Tips for Dining Out With a Baby
T5T:  05.10.11:  Top 5 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Summer!