Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top Five Tuesday: My Top Five Superpowers

It's Top 5 Tuesday again! This week's category: My Top 5 Superpowers.

Because every person should have, at a minimum, 5 superpowers to get them through life's little challenges. Mine are...

1. The ability to make a dynamite playlist for any situation. Not everyone can do it, but, trust me, I'm the mix-master. Road trips. Dinner soundtracks. Dance parties. You name the occasion, I'll get you singing along.

2. The ability to sustain another human's life with my body. Boo-ya, boys. We women have so got you beat in the bodily capability department.

3. The power of laughter. I'm quick to laugh, and since laughter is generally contagious I'm pretty sure this superpower is a winner.

4. The ability to Bow-da-bra the shizz out of Christmas. This is a power I got from my mama (btw, I Got it From My Mama is so going to be on Natalie's 1st birthday soundtrack. See? Dynamite Playlist Superpower.), and, let me assure you, it's not at all lame as far as superpowers go. Bow-da-bra'd head gear? Lame. But Bow-da-bra'd gifts & centerpieces & swags? Christmas awesome-ness.

5. The power to get it done, fast. This is a newfound superpower to me, relatively speaking. I've discovered since having Natalie that time is most certainly of the essence, and most definitely in short supply in my life. Tasks that used to take me half a day can now be done in half an hour, no sweat.

It's sharing time--what are your superpowers??


  1. I saw my Bow-da-bra in its box the other day and thought of you. You, my dear, are a master of the Bow-da-bra. I still call mine, erroneously, The Bowdazzler, which, you have to admit, would be a great hybrid. XOXO

  2. i've also heard it called the "bowdalabrazabra" and the "bowdazzlabra." all stellar takes on the bowdabra name.

    i put the ol' girl to good work fashioning myself a hideous and poufy bow to adorn my ugly christmas sweater for a work party tomorrow. really, the thing has come in handy in so many ways. :)