Wednesday, February 8, 2012

what's on my bookshelf wednesday {5}

Week 5:  One of our dining room shelves


The bookshelf on the left above is another hodge-podge mix from our book collection; lots of British literature, with a whole lot of whatever else would fit on the shelf mixed in.

- My first choice for this week is our little Dickens collection.  I've always been a Dickens fan, but I haven't actually picked up one of his novels in years.  Hard Times is a favorite, as is Oliver Twist, but probably the best of the bunch is the obvious choice:  Great Expectations.  So good, am I right?

- Mike says there's no overlooking the Harry Potter series, despite the fact that I have only read the first two of them (I know).  I definitely plan on reading the whole series, start to finish, when Natalie is old enough to enjoy them with me. 

Who are your favorite authors?  Any books that you feel like you "should" have read, but haven't had the chance yet?


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