Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top Five Tuesday: The Top Five Funny Natalie Moments This Week

It's Top 5 Tuesday again! Natalie has been so gosh darn funny lately that I just had to devote this post to her. She cracks us up all the time, and is developing a pretty great sense of humor herself.

1. So, diaper changes (and clothing changes) have become a bit of an ordeal in the past month or so. Natalie now insists on flipping over and crawling away mid-change, and refuses to stay even remotely still when we try to get a clean diaper or onesie on her chubby little body. Most of the time these episodes result in her crying and us getting frustrated... but, really, it can be pretty funny. Take, for example, last week when she pulled her usual "Oh, no, don't even think about covering this tush with a new diaper" routine, and I gave in and let her crawl around and play with her butt hanging out the back of her unsnapped undershirt. Mike shook his head when it happened, and I had the nerve to say, "Oh, Natalie, your daddy doesn't trust you like I do--I know you won't pee before I get a diaper on you," and went about snapping pictures of her half-clothed cuteness. With that, miss N squatted down, looked at Mike as he walked up the stairs, and, as if on cue, peed ALL OVER the floor and her musical table. Funniest. Moment. Ever.

2. Natalie has loved mirrors for a while now, and can spend a good amount of time looking at her reflection curiously. Lately, though, she has started to find her reflection really, really funny. She spent almost 10 full minutes laughing at herself in the mirror the other day, alternating looking away to recover from the hilarity that was her own face and then looking back at herself and cracking up all over again. She would look over at me like, "Can you believe how funny this baby is?!"

3. We've been trying to teach Natalie "Kiss" by giving her kisses on the face and saying "KISSES" in what is probably an outrageously annoying voice. She seems to get a real kick out of it, though she hasn't exactly picked up on the point of the game, and rarely leans back in for a kiss. But, suddenly, this week she seemed to get it. A couple of times in a row, she leaned in and smiled when she got kissed. "YAY NATALIE!" I exclaimed, accidentally timing it just right so that as she leaned in, my mouth was wide open and she totally tried to make out with me. It was so gross, and so hilarious. She looked surprised, and I am thinking that if she's already getting the urge to French kiss I am in serious trouble when she's a teenager.

4. This funny one has the potential to make us sound like bad parents, but, I swear, it's funny. We are all over Natalie all the time, probably too much, actually. But we've been working on letting her explore without us hovering over her, which means that we aren't always right there to catch her when she slips. She's had a couple of, non-serious, bumps and bruises along the way, and has gotten braver as a result. Lately, she has been trying to stand up on her own, and can hold herself up without leaning on anything for maybe a full second. She always looks surprised and excited and then comes crashing down. She usually just falls straight back on her bottom and gets back up, but occasionally her falls are epic swan dives, complete with helicopter arms and practically slo-mo balancing anyics. She hasn't hurt herself as a result of these tumbles, which is why I am including them here--it is so, so funny to watch her try to balance herself, and the look on her face when she realizes she's going down is absolutely priceless.

5. All of her chatting these days is funny. She's babbling and croaking and shouting all the time, and it is a riot. Her daycare teacher said that she's been saying "MMMMMMM" and smiling whenever she has a blanket put on her, and she's also been making these total donkey noises (a high pitched squeal followed by a low groan, that sounds JUST like she's braying). Have you seen the video of her "talking" to my dad? So. Funny.

So there you have it, the funniest moments of Natalie's week. What things have made you laugh lately?


  1. I would have to say my most recent hilarious moment was this morning while I was covering breakfast duty at school. A 5 year old girl came up to me and asked me to zip her jacket because "it's a little tight because my boobies are so big". O. M. G. :)

  2. Our funniest moment this week is sort of an ongoing "new thing." I was holding Lainey the other day and we try to hold her loosely so that she is free to squirm around and "express" herself. Some people look at us and think we are going to drop her but I think its important to let her have her room to move. Well she decided to do a full on head dive into my chest- like rolled her head forward chin on her chest and collapsed her body downward. My heart leapt out of my chest and I screamed LAINEY DONT DO THAT AGAIN YOU ARE SCARING MAMA. My 4MONTH OLD little one looked me right in the eyes, smiled and DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!! Aaron burst out laughing I was shocked and she squealed with happiness over her mischief. Needless to say she had now done this pretty much every time I hold for the past 3 days. GOOD GRIEF.

  3. My six-month old is starting to make noises as well, repeating the same sound over and over. The other day, out of the blue, he started making a "brrrrrr" sound, not paying attention to the fact that he was eating rice cereal at the same time. And Mommy was leaning in close, trying to encourage him to eat more. I got hit with a torrential shower of rice cereal and baby drool, full on in the face. I couldn't stop laughing.