Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Five Tuesday: My Top Five Guilty Pleasure Songs

This week's Top 5 Tuesday is inspired by a day I had off a few weeks ago, when I was left to my own devices for 8 whole hours. That also meant that I had 8 hours to narrate with music (haven't you always wished you lived in a musical, too? Or at least had theme music?). As I gave in to all of my ridiculous musical song choices, I took a closer look at my "Guilty Pleasures" playlist, and realized that what should probably be a list of just a handful of songs was actually 63 songs long. And those are just the guilty pleasure songs I took the time to categorize. Turns out, I have lots of guilty pleasure music hanging around in itunes. I thought I would share my Top 5 with you.

First, let's clarify exactly what a "Guilty Pleasure" song is: for me, it's a song that I would have to, at least feign, social embarrassment over being caught listening to, but that, really, I would never skip over in a shuffle if I had my 'druthers. This list was tough to narrow down, and has, by necessity omitted the following (which should, arguably, be a source of embarrassment, but I l-o-v-e them): the entire Linda Ronstadt (featuring Aaron Neville) album Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind; Amy Grant's Heart in Motion album; early Celine Dion (oh that's right, I loved Celine not only pre-Titanic, but pre-Up Close and Personal); and Britney Spears' love-ballad attempts. Oh, and all my Taylor Swift. Who I am officially declaring not-guilt-inducing and instead I'm just outing myself as a fan.

Those aside, here are my Top 5:

1. Jesse's Girl, Rick Springfield. This one is not only my #1 guilty pleasure song, it's also probably one of my top songs ever. Period. It's impossible not to sing along, and I just have to dance every time it's on.

2. All That She Wants & I Saw the Sign, Ace of Base. Oh yeah. For real. Hearing either of these songs immediately brings me back to a summer being driven to swimming lessons by my big sister in her red Reliant station wagon, and being forced to sit in the back seat while she stopped to get us ice cream cones because there was no way she wanted to be seen with me at R&J's. I Saw the Sign is absolutely my American Idol audition song. I just can't help but love me some Ace of Base.

3. All My Life, K-Ci & Jo-Jo. I probably shouldn't admit to liking this one as much as I do. Just as I probably shouldn't admit to liking the movie it's from, Save the Last Dance. But I do. Deep down. Mikey really doesn't understand this one, and maybe you don't either.... but I just love it. There's no way this song would go over well at a party, but I totally swoon along to it when I'm by my lonesome.

4. Anything Bat Out of Hell II, Meatloaf. I love this album. I've loved it since I was a little girl, when I listened to it on cassette so many times that the tape started to get all warbly and warped. And it's totally held up over time, at least on the guilty pleasure spectrum.

5. Party in the U.S.A., Miley Cyrus. Ughhhhh, I actually am truly embarrassed about this one. I can't stand anything about Miley Cyrus, but I will never change the radio station when this song comes on. Despite the fact that Miley can't name one Jay-Z song, I forgive her the lyrical-lies about her fandom and just sing along.

I've admitted mine.... what are yours?


  1. Good list Hooby! God knows I've listened to those selections with you many a time. Here are mine:

    1. Reba McEntire's Fancy and Poison Sugar. Some people may know Fancy, but I doubt anyone knows Poison Sugar. Unless, of course, you found it in a bargain bin at a truck stop on cassette when you were eight like I did.

    2. George Thorogood's I Drink Alone. It's all the better when a maniac in a Camaro drunken screams this song as he races down Main Street in Rockland at 8 am on a Sunday.

    3. Big Band stuff. Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, et al; you name it, I like it.

    4. Golden Earring's Twilight Zone. Best. Rock. Song. Ever.

    5. Britney Spears. There's no point in naming specific songs; it doesn't matter. If it's Britney, it's awesome.

  2. Wait, someone ELSE likes that K-Ci and Jo Jo song and Save the Last Dance? Actually, fun fact, that movie is how Snooki got her nickname. Ha.

    But, of course, Jesse's Girl. I sing the shit out of that one.

  3. Mike, I may have been born just plain white trash but Fancy was my name!! And Hilary, Kci & Jojo Love Letters was the soundtrack to my life in 8th Grade...I was obsessed with it.