Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top Five Tuesday: The Top Five Things on My Mind

Okay, okay, this T5T is a cop-out. I tried to think of a super awesome category for today's post, but fell flat. I think there are too many things swirling about in my brain at once to pick just one thing to focus on, so here's a look into the frenzied mash-up of what's on my mind today.

1. SLEEP. And how much I need it. Really, I could devote a whole entry to how tired I am, but that would probably depress me even more & the time it would take to write is time that should be spent napping. I made the mistake last week of getting a bit bragadocious and implying that Natalie has become a good sleeper of late. I was wrong. I'm not sure if it's the teeth that are continuing to pop up all over her mouth or a growth spurt or separation anxiety or none of the above, but she is simply not sleeping well (or at all) lately. Blech.

2. Blogging. Yup, the blog has taken over my brain of late. I have tons of stuff I want to write about, share, and work on for the site.... and no time or energy to devote to it. I have let Freebie Fridays fall off into the abyss and I haven't jotted down a single note on the things I'd like to post about so most of my thoughts have disappeared as well. I am crossing my fingers for a bit of blogging time tomorrow to get it back in gear.

3. Settlers of Catan. And movies. And Gossip Girl. And all the other things I want to be doing with my nonexistant free time. I simply do not have enough hours in the day to be a productive person, parent, and partner and also waste away time on things like leisure and entertainment. Keep in mind that I have played Settlers of Catan no fewer than 8 times in the past 4 days. So probably I should just shut it.

4. House projects! I recently spray painted some cheapie frames and ordered a bunch of prints of my favorite Natifuss pictures to do a little wall arrangement in the kitchen. It has totally gotten my wheels turning about all the other stuff I would like to work on around the house, and I'm even starting to look ahead at the summer's projects with all kinds of anticipation. Garage, pantry, basement, and decor... here I come!

5. How much I miss all the people we moved away from when we packed up to come back home to Maine. Natalie is growing so fast and I want to share her with our friends EVERY weekend, not just the random long ones when people can justify making the long drive up to the coast. As happy as those visits make me, they also leave me a bit despondent when they end because of how much I wish they would not end.

So that's what's on my mind today--what things are rattling around in your brains?


  1. So here's my response to this weekend, Hil.

    I had a great time, but I got wicked sick in the process. This fact alone has led me to sit here today (as I couldn't really go anywhere else) looking back and thinking about things.

    I started thinking about how wild you guys are as parents. Sitting there, both completely snotty and sick, waking up nine times a night like maniacs... I saw Mike eating an orange on the floor the other day and Natalie was sleeping. He looked totally exhausted and there was no reason whatsoever for him to be on the floor. I said to him, "My God, Moo, you look used up." He really did. It's nothing short of monumental that you and Mooby run your lives on two hours of sleep per day.

    Luckily, I got to experience this for a few days. It's kind of like one of those "Scared Straight" programs where they make bad kids hang out in prison for a day. The only difference being, that i was thrown into a future parenting program. So, I went all in (without having to change a diaper thankfully), got way sick and had four hours sleep over the course of three nights. By the third night, i literally felt like someone was driving over my head repeatedly. And then on the third night as I was flat out about to lose my mind in the midst of a complete physical meltdown, I hear the baby wailing and one of you waking up to tend to her. At 4:15 AM, I attempt to fall back asleep. At 4:25 AM, I get whacked on the arm, roll over thinking "what the cuss!?" and see the Naterpillar smiling, making snort faces and screaming "BA BA BA!" while proudly brandishing a plastic spoon. I laughed, got up, and decided to go play with her and Moo in the nursery, pretty much ignoring how awful I felt.

    All that brought me to this realization today. I'm pretty excited to be a dad at some point in the future. Snort faces make it all worth while. But alas, I do plan on having nine vials of Zicam and ten babysitters around at all times.

    ...And the Settlers of Catan.

  2. and sorry about the slew of grammatical errors. This little comment box doesn't make it easy to write and edit.

  3. @Last King of Hollywood

    now THAT was a lengthy comment. even.

    thanks for the kind words, i think i may use them in an upcoming post, if you don't mind!

  4. No problem, EVEN. Just edit it for me so I don't look like a "Re-Re."

  5. You're a good man, Jonny Bench. That's why you're the godfather. It was an offer that you couldn't possibly refuse. Even. No?!

  6. Oh, I could have refused it, but then it would have been the "Harper's Cosmo the Cat(s)" incident of 2005 & 2008 all over again! ODDS!