Tuesday, August 7, 2012

toddler talk

A sampling of recent Natalie-isms:

During a diaper change:  "Oh my gosh, that's amazing poop!"

After asking Mike to tickle her three times in a row, "Okay, now never do that again."

While watching a man walk down the sidewalk while on the phone, "Who is he talking to?  Prob'ly his teachers."

To her doll:  "I'm ready for us to run away now, Baby Nat!"

"Let's have a sleepover!  I sleep next to Maeve... Maeve sleeps next to Carly... Carly sleeps next to Baby Emma... Baby Emma sleeps next to Caitlin!  It's fun!"

When asked, "Who are you?":  "I'm BIG GIRL Natalie!"

"You wanna sing about who is here today?  Well, don't sing with me."


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