Tuesday, August 7, 2012

a break in the heat

Our long weekend in upstate New York was SO HOT, and then we got back and our usually breezy coastal town was also SO HOT, and then it kept being SO HOT for another day. 

Last night, the heat finally broke.  Mike and I woke up to find ourselves pulling blankets up and snuggling in to warm up.  Aaaaah.  It's still a gorgeous summer day, but at least it's not the stifling humid heat we've been dealing with lately.

I have lots of pictures & stories to share from our trip, but for now I'll just leave you with the sweet one above--of Natalie with her cousin Carly last April, and again this past week.  How did that happen??

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  1. Woah (said in my best Joey Lawrence voice). When I saw Natalie last weekend I was BLOWN AWAY by how grown up she seemed.
    Charlotte is not as grown up, but she told me she wanted me to thank you for the books. Both are so sweet! We really love the Maine one.