Sunday, August 12, 2012

omg, i know.

I have been so absent on the blog lately.  Summertime is my excuse.  'Tis the season to be outside in Maine, which means that tapping away on my laptop keys isn't on the agenda most of the time.

We've been on quite a few adventures lately, including a little playdate to visit some butterflies fresh out of their chrysalis (chrysales?  chrysali?  chrysalises?).  I got to hold one on my finger before it learned to fly, while Natalie was interested but too scared to actually let the little guy make his way onto her hand.

I have been auto-posting my way through the past couple of weeks, and I'm just now getting unpacked & caught up on uploading pictures, so I promise to have some new reports on what we've been up to online soon.

Hope you're all enjoying these hot August days!


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