Wednesday, June 20, 2012

special summer moment alert!

Going to the movies has always felt special, to me and to Mike.  We get those sentimental feelings for different reasons (I remember rare treats of movie theater nights with my parents, while I think Mike's nostalgia comes from regular nights out at the movies with his), but we have both always loved the act of settling into a cushy seat in a dark, cool theater, surrounded by the smell of popcorn and the excitement of a 2-hour escape.  I have lost count of the number of movie dates we've had as a couple, and I am honestly not quite sure what movie was our first theater experience together (Super Troopers, maybe??), but I think I might always remember today as the day we started to pass along our infatuation with the cinema to our daughter. 

It was h-o-t today.  Right?  Like, really really hot.  That has traditionally meant a guaranteed matinee for us MooHoos, but having a child has put that on the back burner for a couple of years.  Today we decided it was time to include Natals in the experience, so we tired her out with a day of outdoor play (and a haircut! Finally, she can see again!), and brought her for an outing to see Madagascar 3.  We prepped her lots beforehand, bought tons of sweet & salty snacks, and brought along one of her dolls as a companion.  We figured we might get through at least a portion of the movie, which would get us out of the late afternoon heat for a while. 

We made it through 10 minutes of pre-movie commercials, all the previews, and about 15 minutes of the actual movie.  Roughly an hour, all told. 

Worth the cost of admission?  Seeing her face light up when she saw the big screen, sharing a bag of popcorn, and watching her clap when her favorite characters appeared in front of her. 


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