Wednesday, June 20, 2012

hot hot hot!

Our sickly little budgie has perked up considerably since coming home from daycare on Monday with the bad news that she has hand, foot, and mouth disease.  I think this hot weather agrees with her--she is loving all the time outside & all the popsicles we've been handing her.  I took these shots of her yesterday afternoon (you can see a couple of the healing blisters around her mouth if you look closely, poor kid), as she inhaled a massive lime popsicle.  Today we've been doing more of the same--playing in the backyard, visiting nearby playgrounds, and staying well-hydrated.  Our plan for the afternoon (if Natals is up for it) is to bring the kiddo to her first ever movie in the theater.  Something about a cool theater & popcorn on a hot day, amirite?

Oh!  And I wanted to make sure and send you over to Liv's blog, where I wrote up a little guest post all about our summer bucket list.  Be sure to flip back through all of the recent posts from visiting bloggers on her site--she's had some great stuff up over the past couple of weeks while she and her family are off on vacation.

Speaking of, anyone interested in guest posting here sometime this summer?  Shoot me an email (hilaryflagg[at] and let me know.  We'll be heading off on various long-weekend trips over the next few weeks, and I'd love to have some stuff lined up while we're away.


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