Friday, June 15, 2012


Do you mind if I write a "here's what we've been up to lately" post, with no real connections between the various things?  No?  Okay, good.

- We're all officially on summer vacation.  Mike's last day of the school-year was Tuesday, so we celebrated early on Wednesday morning by getting out for a long walk (Natalie in jammies & rainboots, us in sweats & sunglasses) to get breakfast, peek in on the bunnies that live in a front yard hutch a few streets over, and look at the shore a bit before the rain came in. 

- The weather has been completely disappointing this spring, until yesterday.  We've had to put most of our outside-summer-fun activities on hold because it's been rainy and cold and foggy and just generally gross outside.  Finally the sun came through yesterday, and we're staring down a full week of forecasted sunshine.  Yes! 

- I have my first team meeting at my new job this afternoon.  Yikes!  Wish me luck.

- Natalie's latest "trick" is to pretend to sleep wherever she is.  She scrunches her eyes up tight and pretends to snore.  Then jumps up and says "I wake up!"  and laughs hysterically.  This has been especially funny because she has *actually* been sleeping like a dream for a while now... I had a whole post ready to publish about our newfound bliss in the sleep department.... and then she decided , that 2:30am was an appropriate time to wake up and demand to watch Willy Wonka, so I guess we still have some progress to make.

- Another development for the Natals:  we're making progress in the potty department.  It's felt like slow-going, but I feel like we're moving forward.  I will likely devote an entire embarrassing post to this topic later, so brace yourselves.

- Mike and I have realized that we have allergies.  I think we have for years, but we are just now really admitting it.  I hate it.

- Our summer o'fun is really kicking into high gear.  Do you guys find that your weekends in the summer are suddenly booked with pretty much zero effort?  We looked at our calendar and realized that we have something scheduled for every single weekend from now until September 1st.  Seriously.  All fun stuff, though, so it doesn't feel overwhelming.  Up first:  Father's Day weekend, with both my dad and Mikey's dad!  I think the plan is burgers & beach & backyard fun. 

...okay, that's enough for now.  What random stuff have you been up to lately?


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