Wednesday, June 13, 2012

shop my closet

I've had limited luck with consignment, but some of my old clothes & shoes are just too hard to part with to toss into the Goodwill bin.  Everything below is in good/rarely worn condition and is $5 apiece + shipping.  Email me at hilaryflagg{at} if you'd like to make a purchase.  It'll be first-come/first-served, with anything not sold by this Sunday headed out of the house as a donation (wah).

Coral asymmetrical minidress - Size 10, petite

Wore this to my college MayDays event over five years ago (whoa).  Has a nice nipped waist fit, silky lining in the top, and the color is killer.  Wore it again while in my first trimester to Colleen's wedding, where the forgiving fit hid my little bump quite nicely. :)

Navy lace dress, knee length, with nude silk lining - Size 10

Worn once, to my best birthday party EVER.  Holds lots of good memories, and doesn't show any signs of the gin and tonic that I may have spilled all down the front (it's been washed, don't you worry). 

Navy tunic - Size M

Worn once, just feels a bit too short for my comfort.  Has drapey sleeves and a nipped-in elastic waist.  I really like the little ruffly hemline, and the shape is very forgiving. 

Chocolate jersey dress with ruched neckline - Size 10

I love this dress.  Love love love this dress.  I've worn it a bunch of times, pre-pregnancy and through part of my first trimester.  It goes from casual to dressy really easily, and drapes nicely over curvy hips.  You can see in the photo that the hemline is kind of semi-circular, which is kinda cute.

Coral knit top with crocheted back (Target purchase last summer) - Size M

Worn once.  Too short on my long torso.  Great color, has flecks of black throughout and is a really soft material.

Gray & white striped top (Target purchase last summer) - Size L

Love the drapey sleeves, just fits a little too big on top for me.  Comfy and cute, though.

Charcoal cardigan with poufy sleeves - Size L

I just can't pull off the poufy sleeves without feeling silly.  Someone more stylish than me should give it a home so it can get a bit of wear.

Carlos Santana heels - Size 9 (fit more like a narrow 8.5)
FREE to a good home

It breaks my heart to part with these shoes, and I can't put a pricetag on them--they were a gift at my surprise bachelorette party, have tap-danced their way through Vegas, and made me feel super sassy on nights out with the Moo.  I haven't wanted to admit that pregnancy altered my feet so much that I just can't wedge my wide hooves into them anymore.  Wah.  Email me and they're yours, for the cost of shipping only.

Gold wedges - Size 9 (true fit, narrow though)

Worn just a couple of times (as a bridesmaid in friend's wedding, and maybe once or twice more).  Nice fit, but not very forgiving if you have wide feet like me.

Copper Style & Co. closed-toe espadrilles - Size 9 (true fit)

Maybe worn once.  Just not my style, as lovely as they are.   

Bath & Bodyworks manicure kit--complete set plus two unopend sparkly nail files

Never used, just been collecting dust in a drawer for a while.  Lots of fun manicure tools!


  1. I love the brown jersey dress and navy thingy dress...but I'm huge right now. Sadly, I must pass. *sob*

  2. Sent you an email about the navy tunic! :)