Monday, June 25, 2012

the last birthday of my 20s

I know, wah for me.  Boo hoo.  Go ahead and punch me in the arm really really hard and tell me I'm lame for getting bent out of shape over turning 29.  Holy smokes, how miserable am I going to be next year for the big 3-0 if I can't even handle this last birthday of my 20s?!?!?!

But, whatevs.  I was a little blue about the whole birthday thing.  Not terribly blue, just a little on the weirded out side of things.  Helping me to not feel so awfully terrible included cupcake-baking with my girl, birthday cards with toddler doodles on them, lobster&scallop&apple pie dinners, jeerleading in front of a big crowd (including my parents&sister&husband, awwww), too many cocktails with the lovely people of my lovely town on a lovely warm summer evening, and more.  Really, life is pretty good.  I think I have just wanted to let myself feel the icky part of getting older and reflect on it a bit.  Truly, though, I can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else in my life than I am right now... so I guess that means I like 29 just fine.


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