Monday, June 25, 2012

what natalie's been saying lately

Seriously, the things coming out of this kid's mouth lately are killing me.  I know she's only going to continue getting funnier as she gets older, too, which seems unfathomable.  I want to press pause on this age so badly, and just bottle up all that cuteness.  A few of the funny things she has been saying lately:

After having a complete screaming meltdown in the next room:  "I was trying to put hairbows in Daddy's hair.  I got so frustrated!"

Repeating the lines (and elaborating on them) from her fave song, Run This Town:  "Next time I'm in church, please no photos... and no cribs.... and no daddies... and no diapers... and no Natalie.... no Elmo.... and no blankies...."

Constantly, about everything:  "Oh.  My.  Gosh.  That's AMAZINGGGGG!"

To her stuffed gorilla, Bruno:  "You are so naughty, Bruno!  Why you hit me?  You get a time out with NO BINKY!"

She's also been having loooooong fake phone conversations with various loved ones, which are hilarious to observe.  She usually runs through a quick "Hi, How you?  Good?  That's good!  Okay.  Yeah, okay," and then moves on to describing whatever we're doing at the moment "Oh, just lookin' at books with Mommy.  Playing dice game.  Watching Gabba," and then lots of effusive loving wishes, "Miss you so much!  Wanna see you soon.  Love you!  Bye!"  It's thee cutest.

Oh, and have you seen her singing Art Show?  Or wishing her Poppy a happy birthday?


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