Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the best way to get cheered up

Despite a rather good Monday (Gymnastics with Natals!  Productivity during naptime!  Skype date with Jon!  Delicious BBQ chicken dinner!) I could feel myself falling into a bit of a funk last night.  Maybe the prospect of my imminent workday, maybe the sign of a little cold creeping into my system, maybe just a little case of the blues.  In any case, I was kind of cranky.

The surest way to cheer me up is these days is to watch Natalie happily exploring something new.  She's currently obsessed with a random bowl of shells that we used as a centerpiece for a little while.  It has become her best new toy--she empties the bowl, names the colors on the shells, holds them up for us to admire, and then fills the bowl up again (sometimes).

There is just no staying cranky with this little sweetness around.

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  1. Sorry to hear you were feeling a bit blue yesterday :( How lucky that you have the super-adorable Little Miss Natals to cheer you up :) I know all your sweet pictures and hilarious videos help to cheer me up when I come down with a case of the crankies :)