Monday, March 5, 2012

i'm pinteractive

I've been dominating my Pinterest boards lately, if I do say so myself.  This, of course, means that I'm really only tackling maybe an eighth of what I've pinned, but, still, I'm doing SOME of it.  Which I think is worthy of linking up with Nanette!

First:  making my home smell delightful.

(original source via MooHooVille on Pinterest)

This sweet little pin has made my house smell ah-mazing all day.  I've had rosemary, lemons, and vanilla extract simmering in water on the stove, and the whole house smells delightful.  I'm totally doing this on a weekly basis from here on out.

Next:  Our kitchen door.

(orginal source via MooHooVille on Pinterest)

I didn't get a picture my actual kitchen door because, well, I'm lazy.  But this is the pinspiration behind it, and I'm so glad I crossed this task off my to-do list.  Our kitchen door had seen better days--it was a dingy, dirty white with peeling paint and scuff marks everywhere.  I brightened it up with a sunshine-y yellow and used cream on the insets (in the same way this image uses a lilac to contrast the pink).  A little ruffly valance to top it off, and voila!  My kitchen door is no longer a total embarrassment.

Third:  A DIY yarn wreath

(orginal source via MooHooVille on Pinterest)

I snagged some pipe insulation to transform into wreath forms (4 pieces for $3), a neutral colored yarn ($2.50) and some faux flowers for embellishments ($2).  The pin above was my inspiration for turning the insulation into a wreath form, and all I did was wrap yarn around it and secure some of the faux flowers onto one of the curves.  It is definitely adding a touch of spring to our decor.

This little wreath project is so easy that I've actually finished three of them over the last couple of days--one for our front door, one for our dining room, and one for a friend.  I have another one started that I'll be finishing tonight (for you, Mom!). 

Oh, and I should also tell you that this BBQ chicken recipe is currently cooking away in the crockpot.

Yup, I'm hooked on Pinterest.

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  1. All of these look great! I'm particularly in love with the air freshener!

    Belated thanks for linking up! (I'm so behind on my comments.)