Friday, February 3, 2012

the pinterest and the party

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I've been going into a pinning frenzy over Natalie's 2nd birthday party.  There are so many incredibly cute ideas out there for fish and ocean-themed birthday parties, it's been hard to choose just what inspiration I'm going to steal for Natalie's little party.

Here are a few of the things I've settled on, and some links to even more of the cute stuff others have done for their little fishies' parties:


(anders-ruff, via Pinterest)

We've decided to go the simplest route possible for the food options at Natalie's party--we're ordering pizzas and providing a few extras like [gold]fish & chips, Swedish fish, and an assortment of beverages.  I think we're just going to order cupcakes, too, but I'll add my own toppers.  A few other things I've found on Pinterest that are beyond the scope of this little get-together, but are so cute, include these Nemo-inspired cupcakes, Rice Krispie & Swedish fish sushi, octopus hot dogs, a shark-carved watermelon, and these gone fishin' cupcakes.

Fun for the Kiddos

This year, I want Natalie's birthday party much more focused on fun stuff to occupy the littlest guests.  I've cut out a bunch of "goldfish bowls" from scrapbook paper, and have been collecting fish and shell stickers for kids to use to decorate them (inspired by the picture above).  I've also put together a couple of buried treasure buckets so that kids can dig for favors (instead of sand, we're using rice).  I love the idea of these fish-in-a-bag favors, but it seems like too much bother to make them for a little kid's birthday party.  Maybe another year :)

We picked up a couple of cheap little magnetic fishing pole kits that we'll set up on a tarp for kids to do a little fishing if the mood strikes them, and I'll print off some under the sea coloring pages, too.  I think these paper plate fish are so cute, and so are these Nemo-handprint paintings.  If I was more ambitious, I might take them on as fun activities for the party, too, but I've taken Mike's advice to scale back and draw the line at just a few easy activities that are sure to be a hit.

Have you been loving anything on Pinterest lately?  Got any other under the sea ideas to add to my growing collection? :)


  1. i love that little sand bucket where you dig for treasure!

  2. Awesome ideas, it's going to be a great birthday party! :)

    I saw a pin a few weeks back where you made a big clear bowl of blue jell-o and once it sets up you make little knife slices and insert Swedish Fish so it looks like they were swimming...that might be fun! :)

    My current pinning obsession: Grilled Cheese & Soups - we are having people over for a make your own grilled cheese party/game night tomorrow....I'm nerdy excited!