Thursday, February 2, 2012

do you want to hear more about snot and puke?  Oh.  My bad.
I'll keep it brief, then--the vomiting has stopped (hurrah!) but the snotting and ear-infection-leakage continue full force (boo!).  Natalie treated us to a 2am wake-up call last night, and all of our best efforts to lull her back to sleep were in vain.  So, my sick little budgie is back asleep now and not going anywhere near her daycare friends today.  Yet again I am calling in the amazing back-up efforts of my mom (what would the world do without grandparents?!) to help watch Natalie so I can at least get a few hours in at work today.

I am asking for healing thoughts to be sent in the direction of Midcoast Maine, please.


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