Sunday, February 5, 2012

steppin' out: stripes & pony on a sunday morning edition

Yesterday was spent entirely in our pajamas (based on some other things I've read on the interwebs today, I am not alone in having a lazy Saturday).  Natalie's ear infections simply would not clear up this week, so we had to try another (stronger) antibiotic, which seems to have finally kicked in today.  But yesterday was still a bit of a sickly day, which we spent taking naps and wearing sweatpants.

This morning, while Mike got a much-deserved nap himself, us girls got ourselves dressed and out of the house to run a couple of errands.  Here is what we wore:

On Mama:  Jeans & striped turtleneck:  Target // Boots:  JCP // Earrings:  SamMoon

On the budgie:  Thrifted everything (shirt, pants, vest, shoes). 

Everyone claims this outfit makes her look a bit too Rick Santorum, but I still love it.  She is totally made to rock a sweater vest.

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  1. So sweet! And I love Natalie's ensemble!

  2. Looking beautiful, ladies!!! Nat's outfit is seriously precious, what a big girl!!

  3. Did she strike a pose there? LOVE IT! You both look beautiful, as always!! xoxo

  4. Being an Aussie I had to google Rick, she is totally beating him in the fashion stakes ;)

  5. LOVE that striped turtleneck. Beautiful girlies :)