Sunday, December 18, 2011

maybe christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more

Yesterday turned into this perfect little magical winter Saturday, without much effort at all.  We woke up to lightly falling snow and mild enough temperatures that we could take a walk to get coffee, and then spent our morning mixing up the ingredients for salt dough ornaments.  I saw last week that Marissa had done this activity with Natalie's cousin Carly, and I filed it away under my "must-attempt" list, and felt brave enough to give it a go yesterday.  It was a hit!  Natalie loved mixing up the dough, patting it down, pressing the cookie cutters, and later painting the ornaments. 

I have always had lots of warm and fuzzy memories of Christmas, thanks to the care and love my parents put in to making this time of year special for our family.  I found myself wondering what things Natalie will remember about Christmas--what are the things that will give her those warm and fuzzy feelings?  I think yesterday was one of those experiences.  If her memories of Christmas include Mommy in red lipstick, Daddy reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas, all of us dancing around to Christmas tunes, fat snowflakes falling softly outside, twinkly lights in every room, steaming radiators, and lots of snuggly time, then I'd say we've done pretty well.

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  1. I always think Mason is too "young" for this type of thing and I'm obviously missing out!

    We have those same wishes - I never had much of a true holiday growing up and I want nothing but wonderful memories for Mason for his Christmases!

    Oh, and I almost bought that hoodie in an adult size for me LOL