Sunday, December 18, 2011

steppin' out saturday: 12.17.11

Last night we stepped out as part of our Advent countdown; last night's activity was to take an evening drive'n'stroll around town to check out some Christmas lights.  We bundled up and snapped a few pictures inside where it was warm before heading out to see all the sparklies. 

Here is what we wore:

On Mama:  Boots:  Penney's // Leggings:  Target // Sweater:  oooooold, who knows // Pashmina:  local // Vest:  gifted

On the budgie:  Jeans:  Old Navy // Oscar the Grouch top:  thrifted & gifted by the Nana

We put on a couple more layers after this, and were still c-c-c-c-cold while we walked around outside.  I think we're going to brave the elements again tonight to see a few more glittery homes and trees.  Natalie absolutely loved looking at the lights (we had a major crying fit when it was time to pack back up and head on home for the night), so we're going to try some even warmer clothes tonight to extend our ooohing and aahing time.

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  1. Looking beautiful ladies, as always!!! Nat's Oscar top is the best!!