Thursday, August 18, 2011

another baby step towards big-girl-dom

For months now, Mikey has been saying that we need to, in his words, "Get that kid a haircut!" I have held my ground on this one, refusing to let a pair of scissors near my sweet little baby's head. There are lots of reasons backing up my resistance to Baby's First Haircut: it means she's getting older (noooooo!); it will mean we have to maintain it (too much bother!); it could do away with the need for hairbows and pigtails (a travesty!); but, mostly, I'm pretty sure I held back on chopping Natalie's sun-kissed locks because of my own childhood bangs that eventually turned into a straight-up mullet.

This morning while I played with Natalie, though, I realized how selfish I've been in holding off on a haircut. The poor kid cannot see a thing unless I pull her hair out of her eyes with a barrette or elastic (which mostly end up lost on the roadside during one of our daily walks). The budgie is constantly trying to unstick her hair from her eyelids, or she is left partially blind because of the curtain of hair directly in her face.


So I worked up my courage and we got the kid a haircut. She behaved surprisingly well (the cookies and books and car keys and sippy cup remained in my purse for the entirety of the shearing!), but did spend the whole time giving her stylist the hairy eyeball (hardy-har-har).

When it was all over, I could feel myself getting all misty-eyed. It was such a simple event, and took less than five minutes, but it felt like this huge step for our baby girl. I realized that it's the first thing we've ever changed about her appearance. Sure, I can dress her in preposterous outfits and make her suffer through pigtails, but actually altering her little self feels like a pretty big deal.

But I took a few deep breaths and fanned out my armpits a bit, and saw my baby all transformed into a big girl.

It's pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.

(The outfit is cute, too, no? Gifted Carter's top, Wal-Mart tutu, TJ Maxx sandals. My little fashionista!)


  1. gorgeous! and definitely NOT a mullet :)

  2. She could give pointers to Olivia Wilde on how to rock a bang! So sweet.

  3. Oh my goodness those bangs are mega adorable! And I'm totally an advocate for never cutting a kid's hair (I keep trying to use a bobby pin in my son's hair as to not buckle under the pressure of cutting his too long bangs) Natalie is such a trooper and you are too, mama!! Congratulations on getting through this milestone.

  4. What a cutie! Love her new big girl haircut.

  5. I am against bangs, neither of my girls have them. Too much upkeep, as you mentioned. We go through a lot of hair ties.
    I love her little strappy sandals.

  6. She looks precious, I LOVE her bangs! I cried through Isabelle's first haircut, I totally know what you mean by it being a big step. They grow so fast!

  7. Oh my gosh, she looks SOOOOOOOO cute!!!

    I'm totally avoiding Mason's first haircut too. He just has some giant long wisps on the side that look hilarious, but I still can't bear it!