Thursday, May 26, 2011

onesie winners!

Hey guys! Thank-you so much to all of you who shared and re-posted the information about the Maine Dream Vacation giveaway that is raising money for after-school programs that enrich the lives of the kids I work with! Natalie helped me pick our two winners for a free onesie apiece as a thank-you for spreading the word: Marissa and Sarah! Let's talk soon about what you want your shirts to say :)

Seriously, thanks for getting the word out all over the interwebs, it means so much to me. Raffle tickets for the big prize (Airfare! Hotel! Food! Spending money! Day trips! Rental car!) will be on sale until early July, so if you'd like to nab one (or continue letting your friends know about this super cool gift prize), you still have time.


  1. wahoo! so psyched! I will get back to you with what we decide :) very cute pics of the little one, btw!

  2. ok well, that was easy. we want the milk drunk one and we're going to order the "the force is strong with this one" but wondered if you do dark onesies with a color or white text? here's a link...,r:0,s:0&biw=922&bih=412

    we could pay a bit extra for it if necessary :)