Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ask and you shall receive

Sorry for the outrageous number of pictures in this post. I just couldn't help myself.

Today has been gorgeous and sunny here, which is just what the doctor ordered. Well, what I ordered. And somehow the weather gods intervened and granted us a day-long reprieve from all that overcast, drizzly, messy weather we've been subjected to for the past month. Natalie and I have taken full advantage of our hot day off together, starting with a long walk around town and by the harbor, lots of swinging and climbing and sliding at the playground, and some playtime at the beach. The little budgie is down for her afternoon nap right now, and I think it may be one of those rare days when I have to go nudge her awake or she might sleep past suppertime--she was SO worn out from our active day, I didn't know if she'd even make it to her crib before conking out.

Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip to Lucia Beach, which is still not technically open for the season, but we made it down to the water anyway. I forgot that the state park gate was still locked (c'mon, summer!), which meant Natalie and I had to walk the quarter-mile or so from the road down to the beach.... and I didn't bring the stroller.... and I had hands full of sand toys and camera and beach towel.... and Natalie is not exactly motivated to get a move on when out for a walk.... so that quarter mile took f-o-r-e-v-e-r! But it was worth it, as the beach was pretty much completely ours and Natalie loved being oceanside. She didn't even mind the chilly Maine water--I had to hold her back from running full speed out into the waves!

After completely soaking the seat of her little romper (did everyone else also scoop up tons of summer gear for their kiddos on the cheap at Old Navy last weekend?! This sweet little number was, like, $6. LOVE.), it was time to strip down to just a diaper and let her clothes dry out. She was thrilled to have all that fresh air on her (sunscreened, don't worry) skin, especially when she realized she could rub sand all over every inch of her sweet little flesh. She was covered by the time we were through.

After a few handfuls of sand made there way into her mouth, I figured it was time for lunch. We headed away from the water to a little grassy spot for some yogurt, oranges, and Cheerio's. She was in heaven.

Seriously, best day ever. And it's only mid-afternoon. Mikey will be home from work soon and I'm sure we'll be heading out again for another walk and dinner on the back porch. Yes!


  1. What an amazing day and a memory you'll never forget! Those cheeks are precious!

  2. it was the best day! you're right, i'm always going to remember it... something about seeing her race out to the water, it's just so sweet.