Tuesday, May 24, 2011

gray day

I know I sound like a broken record over here, but the weather lately has been such a downer. Gray day after cold windy day after downpouring day, it has been rough.

As much as I hate this weather, though, Natalie hates it about ten times more. We've been cooped up inside pretty much all day, which has meant lots of nose-pressed-to-glass-forlornly moments for the budgie.

Our local children's museum AND the area indoor playplace are both closed on Tuesdays, so we had pretty much nowhere fun to go. A brief outing to buy birthday cards for some baby friends and a stop at the library (which culminated in me carrying my screaming and arching and kicking almost 14 month old out the door approximately 7 minutes after we arrived) were it for getting out of the house. I am running out of ways to keep her entertained around here--we've done all the finger painting, crayon scribbling, dance partying, and, yes, even Sesame Street watching that we can handle.

Sun, please come out. I am begging you.


  1. I hear you, we've had nothing but rain for the last two days and it's supposed to last the entire week where we are. Where is summer??

  2. we have actually had (shhhh!) some sunshine over the past few days... it's a miracle! wishing the same for you :)