Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a better day

Reasons today will be better than yesterday:

1. Natalie does not cry whenever she is not on my lap.

2. I no longer have a blistering headache.

3. Dinner is already in the crockpot (yay, crockpot!). Actually, I stole & modified this delicious dinner recipe from someone else's blog and I have no recollection which one. So, if you wrote about a yummy salsa & chicken recipe recently, THANKS. For those of you looking for an easy recipe, just toss all of these things in your crockpot and cook on low all day: chopped onion, about a half cup of chicken stock, a jar of salsa, some frozen mango & frozen corn, minced garlic, a few chicken breasts, and a couple of squeezes of lime. My house already smells amazing, and I was able to put this all together in under 10 minutes while Natalie was occupied removing all of our folded dish towels their drawer and rubbing them all over the floor.

4. We're headed OUTSIDE as soon as Natalie wakes up from her morning nap because it is SUNNY. Finally.

5. I get to have coffee today. Just because I make my own weird rules about caffeine and today is a lucky one in which I am allowing myself a big ol' raspberry iced coffee with cream and sugar, please and thank-you.

6. We're going to check out a children's play place that I haven't been to before.

In all, a MUCH better day than yesterday.


  1. Enjoy your much better day, my love :)

    What's the new baby play place? I'm intrigued! With all of these nice days ahead of us (plus a summer off for me looming), I'm looking for a few good ideas.

  2. the playroom in warren! i'll give you the scoop when you get home tonight. it's worth the drive, i'd say, but it's not as clean as one would hope. xo!