Wednesday, April 6, 2011

has spring sprung?!

I'm so hoping that today's sunshine-y, 50+ degree weather is a sign that spring has really, truly arrived. A day outside with Natalie is way more fun than a day cooped up inside.

We had a really wonderful day together today, which I definitely needed after yesterday's cranky clingies. It was the perfect day to crank up some dance-able tunes and wiggle our way around the driveway. I can't believe Natalie was just holding my hand and trotting along beside me as we walked up the street and around the yard. She looked like such a toddler, bopping around to the music and waving at cars as they drove by.

How is it possible that this is my child?!

In case you're wondering, Natalie wore:

Dress: gifted BabyGap (thanks, Aunt Barbara!)
Hoodie: gifted koala kids (thanks, Harper!)
Leggings: Target
Hair clip: gifted (thanks, Renee!)
Shoes: Old Navy

We also made our way down Rte 1 to the PlayRoom in Warren for the first time. I have tons of pictures of Natalie checking everything out, I'll probably get them up on the blog to share sometime tomorrow. For now, we're going to head back outside to wait for Mikey on the front stoop so we can go for a walk. On the agenda for later? Perhaps Natalie's first ice cream cone...

It MUST be spring!


  1. ahh so jealous... it is snowing here in utah :(

  2. oh, booo, i'm sorry!! we were in that same boat just last weekend, and all of a sudden maine has sprung into spring. wishing the same for you :)