Sunday, March 20, 2011

because farts are funny

Please, please, please watch all the way to the end.

Someday, she will KILL me for this.

Also, this video makes me realize that there are lots of new things that Natalie has been doing in the last few weeks that I haven't posted about. And since this blog is the only thing forcing me to keep track of when Natalie does stuff, I'd better write about it before I forget altogether.

Some new developments: she's playing with her toys in new ways (like stacking her blocks as she does in the video & stacking her rings on their holder); she can pretty consistently touch parts of her face that you identify (head, nose, mouth, ears); she leans in for a smooch when we say "kiss," and also finds kisses HILARIOUS; she's getting much better at taking a few lurching steps at a time, walking into our open arms for a hug; she climbs in and on everything these days--onto the ottomans, into the cubbies in her closet, over the rungs on the chairs; she is really into mimicking our sounds, and desperately wants to communicate--she makes it clear when she wants to go outside (by insisting that she wear a hat, and banging on the door), when she's thirsty, and when she's done eating; she's also super into sticking her tongue out and wiggling it all around when we stick our tongues out at her.

It's amazing to see how much she is changing and growing!


  1. @sara
    hahaha, i know, righttt? i seriously cannot stop laughing every time i even think about it.

  2. Just to prove that even smarty pants have farty pants! (Super cute by the way!)