Monday, March 21, 2011

naterpillar par-tay: a preview (4)

I thought this week I'd share what miss Natalie will be getting for presents for her first birthday! The kid already has an abundance of toys, and I reallyreallyreally want to avoid going overboard when it comes to giving her "stuff." This means, party guests, I am encouraging you to truly think of your presence at this party as Natalie's gift... so cutely wrapped gifts are absolutely not necessary!

It's easier said than done to avoid the big gift thing for your kid's birthday, though. Our original plan was to have just one special gift for Natalie--a little inflatable pool that we'll use as a ball pit until summertime. We picked one up on sale at a local toy shop, similar to the one shown here (that is for sale here):

We were super proud of ourselves for buying her gift way in advance, and for being thrifty about it, too. Well, we (read: I) have had a hard time sticking to our original rule, so there will be a few other little things waiting for her at the Naterpillar party. I figured I could bend the rule by putting ALL of her gifts in one big wrapped box, so it looks like it's just one present... Mikey isn't exactly falling for that trick, but it was worth a shot, right? The box o' fun really isn't a huge number of gifts--just a few little things (including a matching rain coat & boots, a little inflatable sprinkler to hook up to our hose in the summer, and a couple of other clothing items).

I'm hoping that we don't end up overwhelming Natalie with all of the party hullabaloo & too many gifts... Christmas was a lot for her to take, and I really want her to just have fun checking everything out at her party. Any tips on how to keep her from getting overstimulated by all the new stuff, sights, sounds, and people??


  1. Hey! Natalie will LOVE the ball pit...Carly would live in hers if we let her! I really REALLY wish we could make the journey to Maine this coming weekend, a total of 16 hrs in the car in two days with Carly seems a bit much for me, since TJ wouldnt be able to go and id have to drive and entertain Carly by myself!We are sending a wee gift her way though.
    My advice for you is to let Natalie explore her party venue out before any guests arrive, and make her a comfy corner thats quite and has her favorite toys, books, blankie ect.. Carly kept going in her room to play when she got overwhelmed..good luck! I cant wait to see pictures!!

  2. @mmcc54
    not to worry, we totally understand! i'd love to see the little cousins play together, but we'll just have to make it happen in april (we're coming to schoharie mid-month!). thanks for the party advice! i've got to admit, i'm a little nervous about the whole thing.

  3. No fear! Just make sure she gets her normal nap. Don't forget to take a little moment to yourself, while she is faced with a candle lit cake and the song of her friends and family wishing her happy birthday, to wipe the tear from your eye... remember .. its your birthday too! Good Job Mama!

  4. @Amber
    thanks, amber! i am trying not to feel too sad about her turning 1... but i am!! it's crazy to me that my little baby is going to be a whole year old.