Monday, January 17, 2011

[belated] steppin' out saturday

Okay, so I'm a coupla days late on writing & linking up my Steppin' Out Saturday post.

And, these photos are kind of ridiculous.

And, I totally forgot to take outfit photos AT ALL until after our Saturday excursion for margaritas and enchiladas and darts, at which point we found Natalie pantsless in the arms of her baby-sitter who had done as many wrestling-into-a-diaper tricks as she could muster.


I was a woman out on the town with three of my favorite men, and I thought I looked pretty cute. I especially thought I looked cute after that tequila touched my lips, and I'm quite sure that by the time these pictures were taken I was in full-on I'm The Cutest Woman Ever! mode.

What, you didn't know that was one of the side effects of tequila?

Anyway, here's the best I've got:

On Me:

Embellished tank & jacket: Target
Pinstripe pants: Reny's (!)
Necklace: gifted

On the Natifuster:

Tee: Target
No pants, no problem.

It was a much-needed few hours of adult-time while Natalie had dinner and playtime with our new baby-sitter, a highlight from an all-around great weekend. More on the weekend here.


  1. And see, I would have guessed you bought that top at Hussy's! ;)

    The Natifuster does NOT need pants...not with those gorgeous thighs!! xoxo

  2. too cute! stop by and enter my giveaway from yesterday for your little cutie!