Monday, January 10, 2011

monday, monday

Oh, Monday, how can you be back again so soon? My work schedule changed recently, so instead of enjoying 3-day weekends I'm now back to the grind on Mondays like the rest of the working world (I do, though, have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off--a weekend in the middle of my week!--so it's hard to take me too seriously when I complain about my work schedule, right?). Mikey and I had such a nice weekend, it is hitting us both pretty hard that Monday morning is here already.

I'm in a bit of a funk this morning, which I have tried to remedy by actually "dressing up" for work, where the dress code is pretty much "don't wear sweat pants," and even that isn't always enforced. I'm wearing non-jeans & jewelry, which is quite high-falootin' around my office.

I think part of the reason for being a bit of a Debbie today is the usual Monday doldrums, and another reason is that Natalie's sleep schedule has been so unpredictable lately. We've made great strides, and most nights she's waking up much less often and goes back to sleep easily, but last night was a bit of a kick in the teeth as she kept waking up over and over, and was up and at 'em for the day at 4:30. On top of that, Mikey and are I both just barely warding off another cold, and the two little teeth starting to poke through Natalie's top gums are an indication that more sleepless nights are ahead.

I've also found my brain a bit consumed by this weekend's tragedy in Arizona. This isn't exactly a political blog, so I will steer clear of spouting off my opinions on the socio-political climate in this country that seems to condone violence and extremism and hate. Instead, I will just say that it has been sad and frightening for me to think about Natalie growing up in a country where things like this happen. I hope that Natalie will be politically conscious and interested, but allowing my mind to wander to thoughts of her being at risk simply by being in the presence of an elected official has my stomach in knots. It's a pretty selfish way to think about the tragic shootings, I know, but I am almost always first evaluating how the world will affect Natalie these days.

To avoid ending this post on such a downer note, though, here are a couple of pictures of Natalie's latest milestone: climbing the stairs. In the past week she has gone from tentatively climbing one or two, to scaling a handful and then panicking, to last night climbing 13 stairs--almost to the tippy-top of our staircase. Heart attack!


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