Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day

Between a road trip to visit Natalie's great grandmother yesterday and a snow day today, it's been an eventful 48 hours.

Our little Natifuss woke up with killer bed head yesterday, she looked so hysterical playing and eating her breakfast with her hair sticking directly up in the air in the front:

There must be some baby-bed-head thing going around, because I had no sooner admired and snapped pictures of Natalie's hair when I saw this, and this, and this. All little cuties with fabulously styled-by-crib hair.

I managed to tame the wild hair and even got the two of us nicely dolled up for our trip to see my grammy, who is home recovering from heart surgery. I did my best to get a couple of shots of us looking so lovely, but trying to get Natalie and I to simultaneously look at the camera happily has proven impossible:

We had a nice visit with my grandmother, and were lucky to have my mom along for the ride to keep Natalie entertained during the drive.

After visiting Great-Grammy and doing some shopping with Nana, we returned home for an afternoon that included a warm bath, snuggly pajamas, and a lot of quality time with a cold teething ring. My poor baby has four teeth trying to poke their way through her gums all at once! One of her center top teeth has a sharp little point that has broken through, but I haven't been able to really get a good look in her mouth long enough to tell if any of the others have cut through yet. For now she's drooling all over everything and chomping on anything she can get her hands on.

Today we woke up to a phone call from the principal at Mike's school letting him know that it was officially a snow day! The flakes hadn't started falling yet, so we got our budgie bundled up and ran some quick errands to buy provisions for a day at home (ice cream & wine were tops on the list). Then it was back home for what we hoped would be a quiet, relaxing day punctuated by some time with our snow shovels.

We are expecting a couple of visitors this weekend, so a bit of house cleaning was in order, and I also chipped away at some of Natalie's 1st birthday party preparations, and there was dinner to be made and laundry to be done and constant chasing Natalie as she beelined for the stairs at any opportunity. Not to mention all the snow removal.

Turns out, snow days as an adult aren't quite as much fun as snow days when you're a kid.

Natalie seemed to enjoy the day, however she was oblivious to the weather. Instead she crawled around in her jammies (those same jammies from yesterday afternoon. Guilty.) and continued chomping on that teething ring. I think the little buggers must really be bothering her because she was so snuggly all day, just wanted to hug and cuddle and sit in our laps. It was awfully sweet, but I always feel sad for her when she is that needy--it's just not like her.

We braved the snow as a family for just a few minutes, taking Natalie outside to admire the superb snowman our tenants built next door. The wind was howling something fierce, and all that wet, heavy snow soaked us to the core in the short time we were outside. Lucky for me, that's all the time I spent out of the house (and out of pajamas) today--Mikey took the lead on shoveling while I played with the Natifuster, and then he took on baby-wrangling duty while I did some cooking and cleaning. Look at us and our stereotypical household chore gender roles.

What we had envisioned as a restful day snowed in all together on the couch became a much more productive (out of necessity) endeavor, and all three of us are pretty wiped out. Mikey and the bear have already conked out, and I'm on my way, too. I hope you fellow storm recipients are shoveled out and all warm and cozy at home!


  1. She is ridiculously cute -- and the bedhead is even better! I'd smooch that girl all the live long day. CUTIE! Stay warm & cozy!!

  2. That hair in the first pic is hilarious! Your little girl is so cute!


  3. @PearlsAndGreenTea

    thanks! she is a cutie :) bedhead and bath-head are my favorites.