Sunday, January 9, 2011

steppin' out thanks to a baby-sitter

So this week's Steppin' Out photos aren't exactly great fashion shots... so, before getting into our actual weekend-wear pictures, here is one from earlier in the week of me and the Natifuss in matching (Cherry!!) headbands that were a fabulous and unexpected Christmas gift from our pal Jamie:

The headbands are Crabby Abby Designs, and I highly recommend you click on over to Facebook and like her page. These headbands are comfortable, cute, and reversible. Love!

We tried to get a Steppin' Out photo today, just before running out to do some errands (like a bit of shopping for the Naterpillar party!), but Natalie was super sad and not in the mood AT ALL to have an outfit photo taken. This may have had something to do with the fact that in my haste to get us both in coats, I poked her almost directly in the eye. Oops. My poor baby!

Here she is showing her displeasure in her adorable matching Baby Headquarters hat and pea coat (yup, TJ Maxx again):

Mikey and I actually stepped out for a mid-day date on Saturday, but not in anything fashionable. We employed our first ever Teenage Baby-Sitter (who was, thank gawd, competent) and grabbed an early lunch and then got a personal archery lesson. It was super fun, and we felt quite like modern day Robin Hoods as we drew back our bows like pros, and even managed to nab a couple of bulls-eyes. The date was a belated Christmas gift to Mikey from me (we agreed to each plan a special date for the other in lieu of more material gifts), and I'm also considering it a making-good-on-my-new-year's-resolution day, since it was couple time just for us without anything baby-related. We're both feeling so relieved that our baby-sitter worked out, and it was definitely a much-needed few hours of adult-time.

Not to brag or nuthin', but the target with the nice bulls-eye? Mine.

It's been a great weekend, and is even greater now that all three of us are back in pajamas before 5 o'clock and plan on spending the rest of our precious hours together playing around on the floor.


  1. If Tolkien wrote this blog entry, he would have called it "The Return of the Grumpus." NO!?

  2. Hi,
    This is Jen, owner and creator of Crabby Abby Designs. I stumbled onto your blog because I noticed that you recently "liked" Crabby Abby Designs on Facebook. To my pleasant surprise, I found this wonderful picture of you and your daughter wearing my headbands! What a great picture!
    Would it be ok with you if I put a link to your blog on the Crabby Abby Designs facebook page? Feel free to email me privately at
    I'm so glad that you and your little one love the headbands. They look great on you!
    -Jen Lombardi