Friday, January 21, 2011

blogher '11 update!

Recently I've gotten lots of questions from friends and family about BlogHer '11.

The big answer is:

I'm Going to BlogHer '11

Yes, that's right, I'm going to be baby-and-husband-free in sunny San Diego this August, meeting my online idols (who will likely be all, "Ummm, oh, so you're the person who has been stalking me..."), and learning about writing and photography and blogging and monetization and sponsorship and more until my brain just about explodes from awesomeness.

In short, I can't wait.

And, seriously, I'm going thanks to so many of you who placed orders for the onesies that I've been making. Those cute little shirts paid for my plane ticket and conference ticket, and, as soon as I find the time to get back in the swing of onesie-making, will hopefully be making a dent in my hotel room bill. The support that you guys have given me as I make this (perhaps ridiculous?) dream come true is overwhelming and beyond gratifying. Thank-you so, so much.


  1. Hil! That's awesome! Do you remember when I went (BlogHer '07)? Or were we not working together yet? It's so much fun -- you'll have a blast!!

  2. @HollowSquirrel

    ahhhh, i'm so excited!! i remember you saying that you went, but i think it was before my ucc stint. you have to tell me the inside scoop so that my brain actually DOES explode in anticipation.

  3. i hope to join you in '12! seems this baby of mine is due during blogger '11.

  4. @mrandmrspelton

    geez, you'd think that little peanut could have timed his/her (her!) arrival with more consideration. ;)