Sunday, January 23, 2011

stayin' in sunday

This weekend, after a particularly crazy snow storm that left our little family bundled up in the house while the wind howled and snow swirled outside, we peeled ourselves off the couch to host my mom's low-key birthday lunch. Natalie got all dolled up for the occasion:

I did a majorly perfunctory job of documenting the day in pictures, but, rest assured, we had a lovely time eating pizza & cheesecake, gifting my mom, and gabbing our faces off. My sister came up not only for the birthday festivities, but to spend the night with us (and, mainly, her neice!). I had originally thought we'd be getting all dolled up for Steppin' Out Saturday, but instead the night was better suited for silliness in our sweats, takeout, and a bath for the budgie.

So, no linking up with other bloggy ladies for the usual weekend "This is What I Wore" fun, but I would definitely say the laziness was well worth the fashion sacrifice. Sometimes, there is nothing better than being snuggled up with your sister--am I right? When I think about Natalie someday (way in the future, people) having siblings, I get so excited to imagine the lifetime of fun and bonding ahead for them.

Today is looking about as lazy as yesterday evening, aside from a bit of work I have leftover from my office snow day. Once the paperwork and powerpointing are done, Mikey and I plan on catching up on last week's television shows and resting up for what looks to be a very busy workweek in the MooHoo household. My part-time gig is turning full-time for this week only as I add some teaching responsibilities to my normal workload, which not only means I'm away from the budgie all week (wah), but also throws her schedule and our childcare arrangements off. Luckily, my dear father-in-law is in town and has jumped at the opportunity to play grandpa-sitter for a couple of days. I am so grateful to have him pinch-hitting this week, and feel especially lucky that Natalie gets to spend my wild week in the loving care of her grandparents.

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!


  1. There is nothing better than snuggles with your sister! The thing I love most about having sisters is that they just....understand. Growing up all together, they have this fundamental understanding of who I am. You can't put a price on that and it takes a long time to develop that kind of relationship with a new friend. Sisters are built-in best friends forever :)

  2. @CKT
    you are so, so right. there is no one who gets all the history of your life quite like a sister. love!

  3. Totally agree on the sister love! I spent a weekend with mine a few weeks ago, and it was great. I hope Lindsey loves her future sibling(s) as much as I love mine.