Monday, January 17, 2011

3 men & a baby. oh, & me.

I kinda can't believe our long weekend is coming to an end... my Friday excitement about "3 whole days with the boys & Natalie!" still seems too fresh for it to be Monday afternoon already.

But, still, the weekend was great fun. Two of the bests came to visit, and I was again amazed at how easily our friends have been able to fall right into step with our life-with-Natalie routine. Harper and Jon, like so many of our other non-parent friends, are truly wonderful with Natalie. It feels so special when we have the chance to share our daughter with other people we love, and seeing them love on each other all weekend was kind of heart-bustingly sweet.

We Stepped Out on Saturday for a few hours while Natalie hung out with a baby-sitter, but other than that it was a pretty housebound weekend. Here are some photo highlights:

Remember how the last time these two came up for a long weekend we were all "Let's go sailing & climb to the top of a lighthouse & go out for delicious meals!"? Well, this time it was more like, "Let's sit around in our pajamas and play Settlers of Catan until our dreams are consumed with visions of ore-for-sheep trade routes!" It was an absolutely low-key weekend o' fun, and I definitely feel a bit blue that it has to end.

I am so counting down to Natalie's 1st birthday party when these and other friends from afar will be trekking their way back to the Midcoast.


  1. If Hilary didn't make it completely clear, let me assure all you BabyMooHoo readers out there that Settlers of Catan is indeed the greatest game of all time.

    Harper bought it when he arrived and by the end of the three-day weekend, we had played nearly ten times. Ten. And that's with a baby in the house! It should have been an impossible feat, but by God, we did it.

    And may I just add that I, for one, am awesome at sheep-for-ore swappage.

  2. I am, however, a force when building roads and amassing wheat.