Tuesday, November 16, 2010

harper weekend

Like Vampire Weekend, but not at all the same. I suppose the only connection is that Harper did once famously decry, "Vampires! They're real, baby!"

Random post-titles aside, we had a wonderful weekend with Natalie's Uncle Harper. He arrived late Wednesday night, long after we MooHoos had gone to bed, and didn't complain a bit about the 5am wake-up call courtesy of our little budgie. We spent Veteran's Day bopping around town in the morning (and by "bopping around town" I mean: breakfast at the Brass Compass, where we got to introduce Natalie to Lynn's granddaughter and chat about all things Bobby Flay; head to the Atlantic Baking Company for more coffee and lunch to-go; and hurry back home as fast as possible to escape the brisk wind), and the remainder of the day catching up and playing with Natalie between her naps. Friday was a workday for me and the Moo, so Harper got to spend it sleeping in and going for a run, and generally just enjoying some solo-vacation time on a gorgeous fall day.

Saturday was the highlight of the weekend, despite my work schedule requiring that I put in a few hours midday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, unseasonably warm and sunny, and Natalie got to enjoy being carted around in the sunshine by Mikey and Harper as they did some window shopping and olive-oil tasting. No joke, that is how the two of them spent their day.

Saturday night we stepped out sans Natalie, and spent most of Sunday recovering on the couch. It was a great weekend with one of our most favorite people in the world, and it was definitely sad to see him drive away yesterday morning.

I'm working on finding a photo-collage service that I like, so here's the first of many attempts at sharing many photos without requiring all that scrolling down. These are some of my favorite shots from the weekend--as you can see, Natalie has become a major cuddle-bug of late, and she was as willing to snuggle with her mama and daddy as she was with Uncle Harper.


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