Monday, November 15, 2010


To get over our lingering sadness that Uncle Harper had to head off down the road this morning, Natalie and I picked the perfect happy activity with which to drown our sorrows: bubbles!

Last week when Mikey picked our little budgie up from daycare she was apparently entranced by her teacher's bubble-blowing skills, so I figured I'd better get in on the bubble-action as well. Really, there is probably no simpler & sweeter act than blowing bubbles with a baby. To start off our day o' bubbles, we bundled up and headed down to the hahbah with a big fleecey blanket. Looking back, I'm sure it was an amusing sight to passersby to see the two of us sprawled out on a big bunny-rabbit blanket laughing hysterically over bubbles.

Here are some pictures from Bubbles: Round 1.

I quickly learned from this first bubble venture that capturing pictures of Natalie and bubbles is quite nearly impossible. The coordination it takes to keep her from eating grass, blow bubbles, and simultaneously capture a photo of her with said bubbles escapes me. I had some greater success during Bubbles: Round 2, which commenced back at home a few hours (and an outfit change, ick) later.

While we do still miss Harper something fierce (and pictures from the weekend are still coming!) we did manage to escape the worst of the sads. Thank-you, Miracle Bubbles.

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  1. She is the BEST, the absolute best. Wish I was at the "hahbah" with you guys!!