Sunday, November 14, 2010

steppin' out saturday!

I'm always so jealous of the other mommies who link up with Mandy at Harper's Happenings for Steppin' Out Saturday. The idea is for bloggy ladies to post pictures of their date-night (or family night!) apparel. You know, check out what everyone's up to and how hawt they look, and how cute their babies are. My participation has only gone as far as to look at everyone else's links and feel jealous while Mikey and I spend our Saturday nights in pajamas on the couch crossing our fingers that Natalie's ear infection has cleared up and we'll finally get some sleep (or something along those lines).

But. This Saturday? I jumped on the band wagon. Natalie got on her cutest new (well, new to her) denim jumper and stepped it right on over to Nana's for the night, while I put on a dress and heels and did some stepping out of my own with Mikey, Harper, and pretty much the entire town of Rockland. We bounced between a few places for appetizers, drinks, darts, and karaoke, and were able to come home for an uninterrupted night's sleep before picking up the budgie this morning.

I didn't do the obligatory "this is what we wore" breakdown of brands. Let's just leave it at I'm a Maxxinista and call it good.

I'll have pictures and more updates from the weekend in the next couple of days. Hope everyone else had a great Saturday night, too!


  1. Hilary, you look awesome! I love that you've always "rocked your style", pregnancy 'til now. Natalie will have a great role-model for positive self-image. Bless you both! (P.S....can I just say that I l-o-v-e her brow/eyebrows? I know its a weird thing to comment on, but she is beautifully expressive and shows so much through her eyes. Just wonderful.....Sandra

  2. YAY for stepping out! i'm so glad you got a nice break, and you looked great. cuties!