Wednesday, October 13, 2010

columbus day weekend retrospective

As promised, some pictures and a recap of our weekend with Jay and Amelia, who came to visit our little family on the coast of Maine for the holiday weekend. After battling brutal traffic and endless construction on their drive from Albany, they finally arrived on our doorstep late Friday evening, far past my usual bedtime. Mikey and I managed to keep ourselves awake for a welcome visit, and Natalie did her best impression of a sleeping baby for at least half the night. Not a bad start to the weekend.

We spent our visit making the usual tourist-y rounds: lighthouse, Main Street shopping, dinner on the water, and Maine's best burger at the Owl's Head General Store.

I think we managed to show those newlyweds a pretty good time.

A great highlight of the visit was getting the chance to reacquaint our guests with Natalie, who hadn't seen them since their wedding a few months ago. It was awfully sweet to see them together, and I can't help but do the typical "ya gotta have a baby" thing with these two. I know, I know, all in due time. I'll stop with the baby-pushing agenda.

As much as I loved having Natalie around to snuggle with her auntie and uncle, it was also pretty awesome to experience our first baby-free night on Saturday of the Jaymelia visit. The little budgie spent her first night away from us at her Nana and Poppy's, and all reports indicate that it was a swimming success. She followed her typical nightly routine, ate well, and got lots of snuggles from her grandparents--all without hardly batting an eye that Mommy and Daddy were nowhere in sight. Such a good baby, right?

Oh, and Mommy and Daddy? We also had a pretty great night. We used the opportunity to put on nice clothes, drink more than our fair share of wine, and enjoy a lovely dinner out on a double date at The Pearl. The food was great, the company was better, and we stayed up late laughing and watching Antoine Dodson on repeat. All followed by a glorious, uninterrupted 9 hours of sleep. Ahhhhhh.

When we met back up with our little love bug, we spent the remainder of our visit recuperating from our night o'baby-free fun and playing 500 Rummy. What more proof is needed that this was a great visit?

We're already counting down until Thanksgiving week, when we'll get to have another Albany Crew reunion.


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