Monday, October 18, 2010

rockin' the rock city

We got to share the Rock City with another visitor this past weekend--the fabulous Lindsay, who I met during grad school when four of us in our earlier twenties shared a tiny little corner of office space for our assistantships. That year was equal parts work, laughter, fashion, and gossip (which, in retrospect, did NOT prepare me for what life at the office is really like...). We were all in that great transition between college and the real world, and had so much fun together trying to figure our lives out. Since moving to Maine I've had to subsist on email updates from my UCC girls, so having Linds here in the flesh was more than a little exciting.

It was her first time meeting Natalie, and I was so happy to see them both fall in love with each other immediately:

As has become our routine this summer, we considered having a visitor good reason to make the most of every minute of the weekend! We'd been hoping for leaf-peeping and hiking, but the weather didn't exactly cooperate. Instead we did a fair amount of hunkering down with good food and good drink, and then braved the wind for a trip out to Marshall Point Light, in Port Clyde (the same lighthouse that Tom Hanks runs out to and touches in Forrest Gump).

It was SO windy, and the 30 feet or so of walkway back from the lighthouse to shore seemed a mile long once we realized how strong the gusts were. I thought for sure Natalie's new bunny hat (a gift from Lindsay) was going to blow out to sea. Luckily, we all survived, which we celebrated with a big sushi dinner. Again, our original plans (for a wild girls' night out) were foiled by the weather, so instead it was a late night in, reminiscing, laughing 'til our guts ached, and eating far too much. It seemed best to just base the whole weekend around food.

Luckily, Sunday held much better weather, so we walked off most of the previous day's snacking and checked out Main Street. We did a bit of Christmas shopping, picked up our farm share, and were back home in time for Natalie's nap.

Since it was deemed a food weekend already, we used the opportunity to dig into the cheese from our farm share and enjoy some of our food and wine purchases from downtown.

Needless to say, we found ourselves worn out, with full bellies, pretty early on in the day and spent some quality time playing with Natalie on the floor before tucking in for the night at an hour too embarrassingly early to tell here.

Linds headed off down the road this morning, and I've been feeling a bit blue that our season of visitors is pretty much over. We have some cozy weekends at home ahead of us, which I know we will love, but it has been amazing to have the excuse of our little tourist town (um, and our new daughter) as an extra draw for guests looking for a getaway this summer and fall. Not only has it been wonderful to spend the time with so many of the people we love (and to share Natalie with them), but all of our guests have reminded us how much we love our seaside town--it is truly the perfect place to entertain, and we've had a blast doing all the eating, sightseeing, beach-combing stuff that the Midcoast has to offer.


  1. Rockland really is SO fabulous :) We can't wait to come visit again!! (Although with that little one, you could live on Guantanamo, and we'd still make the trip!)