Monday, October 11, 2010


A picture-heavy post with the promise of a recap of our long weekend with the Jaymelia Porbergers to come soon. It was a great weekend, which included Natalie's first times playing in the autumn leaves.

Yesterday we bundled her up and let her play around in the crinkly leafy goodness, which she mostly hated.

I'm not sure if it was the temperature, or the texture, or the fact that we weren't on board with her desire to eat every leaf in sight, but she didn't really seem to enjoy the leaf pile at all! Mikey tried to encourage her, but it was mostly to no avail:

Also, please note that Mikey wore a TURTLENECK SWEATER yesterday. While I encourage him to branch out in the fashion world, he did get a lot of flack for looking so Dawson's Creek-esque. Sorry about that, Moo.

Today we went for leaf-play, round two. It was not exactly a rousing success, but I would say Natalie's love for leaves did increase exponentially. This may be because I gave up on trying to keep so many of the leaves out of her mouth...

While Mikey slept off some of the exhaustion of the weekend, we girls played on the back deck and had a bit of lunch. Now Natalie is napping at last and I'm enjoying some media-overload in the form of facebook, trashy magazines, and instant Netflix. Accompanied, of course, by a cup of (decaf, groan) coffee. A great end to a great long weekend.


  1. Thank you for a wonderful weekend! It was so amazing to see your beautiful daughter in person - and you guys are pretty awesome, too.

  2. Ok, I get it. No more large turtle-necks from 1998. Sure, I rocked it like Pacey chasing after his English teacher, but I've learned my lesson. I'll only wear clothes from the aughts from now on. Thanks for the browbeating, my love :)