Friday, July 6, 2012

sparklers remain the coolest, even as adults.

We debated keeping Natalie awake for the big fireworks show on the 4th, but the skies were super overcast and threatening rain so we opted to put her down at her usual bedtime so that she wouldn't be disappointed & cranky when they were inevitably rained out.  We played with sparklers in the backyard instead, first during daylight hours with the Nat-Attack, and then just us grown-ups after dark so I could play around with the settings on my camera to capture those cool trails of light in a few pictures.  I don't have a DSLR camera, just a Canon PowerShot with settings I barely understand, but just for reference these pictures were taken on the aperture setting with an ISO of 1600 (the highest my camera will allow).  The only editing I did was to crop a few and brighten the midtones using super basic Microsoft photo editor.

I love them!  I wish I had been a little more confident about how they would come out, because I would have attempted to have the boys write out a word or make specific shapes to capture with the camera... but instead I just told them to dance around like maniacs and wave the sparklers crazily while I snapped a few shots.  Here are a handful:


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