Sunday, June 3, 2012

steppin' out saturday: coastal chaos edition

Words can't really describe the madness of my Saturday night, but I'll do my best to explain!  The Midcoast's first Roller Derby team premiered with their first scrimmage last night, and I was on the sidelines jeering them on as my alter-ego, Shady Winespouse.  I've been spending Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings for the past month or so getting ready for the big Coastal Chaos debut, and it has been pretty super fun to be part of the Rock Coast Rollers' Jeerleaders.  I'm not sure it is really relevant to share what I'm wearing and where I got it... but here's a glimpse at me and the Natals all dressed up for our big night out:

Natalie & I are in homemade tees using iron-on decals that my fellow Jeerleaders designed.  One of the derby girls gifted us with those great knee high socks, and my co-captain picked up the fishnet sleeves.  I had a different skirt all picked out for Natalie to wear, but it was wayyyy too big, so I was lucky to have this gifted little zebra-print number for her to wear.  I have to say, she looked pretty darn cute (even with me looking ridiculous alongside her). 

Here are a few shots of the Coastal Chaos fun!  It was an absolute blast.  I don't know the final count of the audience, but the place was PACKED--over 1,000 tickets sold!  Looking back, it was probably the biggest crowd I've performed in front of, like, ever.  It was exhilarating.

The derby girls (Thugboats v. Battlehips) were incredible to watch--tough, focused, determined.  They were great at putting on a show and getting the crowd invested in the bout, and were such gracious and appreciative hosts to us Jeerleaders.  We get to jeer at another home bout later this month, and I can't wait to be part of that raucus scene again.

I'm linking up with Mandy over at the Haps for Steppin' Out Saturday.  Be sure to check over there to see what the stylish ladies of the internet are wearing these days!  ;)

Oh!  Edit:  Here's a brief clip of part of our halftime show!  My memory card reached capacity before the whole dance was over (bummerrrrrrr), but this gives a little glimpse into our performance.


  1. Uh, favorite Steppin' Out Saturday post of ALL TIME.

  2. how fun! i have wanted to be a derby girl for a while!

  3. This is undoubtedly my favorite SOS post of all time!! You are awesome and look HOT!!

  4. That was, without question, the wildest thing I've ever seen. Midcoast roller-derby and jeerleading is the hottest thing in this area since someone decided to boil up lobsters.