Friday, May 25, 2012

nana day! friday!

I think Friday is Natalie's favorite day of the week--and who can blame her?  Not that she really has a great sense of time at this point, but she does understand that Friday = Nana Day.  And Nana Day = Children's Museum.  Plus, Mike and I are always so excited on Fridays that the weekend is finally in sight that we do lots of happy dancing around the house and almost always have family movie night all together (for, like, the 12 total minutes that Natalie will tolerate a new children's movie).  Fridays really are the best.

Even though my unemployment term is officially here, and Mike's summer vacation is just around the corner, we still plan on honoring Nana Fridays for the duration.  Natalie literally danced around her room singing "Nana Day!  Friday!" last night before bed, so I don't think we should mess with this part of her routine.  :)  Here's a smattering of pictures my mom took a couple of weeks ago of that Friday's trip to the Children's Museum:

My parents got us a family membership to the Children's Museum (as a birthday gift?  Christmas gift?  I don't remember), and we use that membership at least twice a week.  My mom always takes Natals on Fridays, and Mike brings her for part of an afternoon every weekend.  Some weeks there are special events that we stop in to check out, too, so we definitely get some mileage out of that little yellow laminated membership card.  Right now the biggest highlight at the museum is the display of newly-hatched chicks (my mom said that just this morning Natalie peeked in at them and said, "Hi, chicks!  I'm missing you!").   Natals has had a chance to check up on them every week since they hatched (she even saw one poking its beak out of its shell as it hatched!), and was able to gently hold one last week.  She loves them, and has kept me updated on their progress ("Chicks are bigger now, Mommy."  "Chicks are yellow, Mommy." "Chicks go 'cheep cheep cheep,' Mommy.").  The slide, saltwater aquarium, and grocery store continue to keep her engaged.  I foresee years of play at the museum ahead, which thrills me.

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