Tuesday, May 29, 2012

memorial day & grandparents

Did you guys have a nice Memorial Day weekend?  We were lucky to have three warm & sunny days off all together as a family, plus Natalie's Bampa and Mimi are here for an extended visit.  We had a really nice weekend all together, full of family outings and plenty of downtime.

Here's a look at what we did:

On Saturday morning we all (minus Mikey & Natalie) sipped on coffee until we felt awake enough to run some errands and then head to a local Children's Fair.  It was a small event, but it had lots of stuff to keep Natalie happy (goats to pet!  hamburgers to eat!  drums to play!  and more!).  It was perfectly timed to give her a chance to run around and wear herself out in time for a nap.  That afternoon Mike and I employed the baby-sitting services of the visiting grandparents so we could head out for a drink and housewarming party with friends. 

On Sunday I spent the morning at dance practice ( I keep thinking about how I have to fill you guys in on all things Jeerleading, but I'll save it for another time), and then we all took a leisurely drive up the coast to get some lobster in Lincolnville.  We got to eat with a gorgeous view of the water, and Natalie was happy to roam back and forth between our table, the beach, and the restaurant gift shop.

Memorial Day itself flew by--we went downtown to watch the parade, which ended up being only about 5 minutes long (just fine in my book).  Natalie learned how to roll down a hill, and we chased her up and down the grassy hill in Harbor Park for a little over an hour.  After her naptime we were joined by my parents for a little cookout on the back porch, where Natalie was in her element with four doting grandparents to laugh at and applaud her every move.  Girlfriend loves adult attention, I tell ya. 

In all, it was a great long weekend.  Today marks the first "real" day of my unemployment, which is a very strange feeling... I dropped Natalie off at daycare per usual, and came home to an empty house.  I have an interview to prepare for, an exam to study for, and a pile of paperwork to sift through, so it isn't exactly a day of leisure... but it is a day in my pajamas drinking coffee and listening to loud music, so it definitely feels like a day off from work.  Weird.

I hope you all had restful long weekends!  I'll be back on the blog more regularly this week, promise.


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