Thursday, May 3, 2012

morning explorations

This morning Natalie and I had a little extra time to kill before her usual daycare drop-off time (well, I should amend that to say that I thought we had a little extra time to kill; in fact, I had completely neglected to pack her lunch & extra clothes, so we ended up running quite late to daycare, but, oh, well), so we grabbed her magnifying glass and went on a morning walk around the block to search for cats & rocks.  Pretty much, her two favorite things.

It was a simple outing, maybe 20 minutes or so of walking up and down our street, checking under cars for the stray cats that have made a home in our neighborhood.  We paused to hello to a seagull, and crossed our fingers that our neighbor's dog would be hanging out in their yard.  He was not.  We continued on to Bampa and Mimi's front steps, where we watched cars go by and collected rocks from the driveway.

I want to bottle up these little moments, breathe in the wind that ruffles Natalie's curls, snuggle into her cheeks and bury my nose in her neck.  Sometimes, she is just so sweet.


  1. Seriously adorable! Ahhhh, I love those little moments, too. I am so glad we have this medium to collect them.

    Also - Ellie has the same jacket!


  2. I told you that that magnifying glass was a good idea. Three bucks well spent.