Tuesday, May 1, 2012

backyard playtime

Natalie's afternoon naps have been ridiculously long lately.  I'm not sure if she's growing, or fighting off some germs, or what, but her naps have been 3+ hours for the past few days.  Yesterday she woke up from a three and a half hour nap in what was arguably the greatest mood ever.  She couldn't wait to run around the backyard in the sunshine.  Here are a few pictures of the hour between waking up from her nap and greeting Daddy at the door after work:

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  1. I say: yay for 3 hour naps! My little one has been averaging about that lately. And it saves my sanity! The bad part is the fight he puts up beforehand. "I don't wanna take a nap! I don't wanna take a... I don't wanna... I.....zzzzzzzzz....." If you didn't wanna, then why did you sleep 3 hours, huh? ;)