Wednesday, April 18, 2012

vacation placeholder: some new decor

I've been bitten by the interior design bug again, and have started identifying areas of our home that need a little sprucing up.  Any "style" in our house has been a work in progress since pretty much day one of home ownership--partly out of budget constraints, but mostly out of a desire to make our living space kid-friendly for the little budgie.  We have put off replacing items that will inevitably be re-stained with jelly and milk splatters, not wanted to spend money on things that can be crushed or choked on, and have focused our attention mostly on providing a home that is meant to be raced through and played in.

Now that Natalie is a bit older, though, some of my decorating desires don't seem so unnecessary.  Something as simple as adding some colorful new pillows to our living room immediately brightened up my outlook and inspired me to start thinking of new ways to spruce up the place.  I want to add some more pops of color and choose some new DIY projects from my endless Pinterest boards to actually tackle.


Has having children changed our home decor?  How have you adapted your household to accomodate a spitting-up, spilling, tripping, head-bonking child?  Any projects you feel like you're finally able to do?

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